Everyone in the game of baseball is rooting for a quick David Wright return

Everyone in the game of baseball is rooting for a quick David Wright return

By Steven Inman

In another sad turn for the Mets All-Star captain, 3B David Wright will be shut down indefinitely with spinal stenosis. It’s a diagnosis that doesn’t come up all that often in baseball but it did force former Met Lenny Dykstra into an early retirement.

The Mets hope that Wright won’t need surgery, instead praying that rehab could fix the issue but that is hardly a guarantee. This is an injury that very few professional players have really dealt with so its really an unknown when the Mets third basemen could be back.

Remember Wright was originally on the DL for a hamstring strain and has only played in eight games this season.

This is a very serious injury that could put one of the best hitters in Mets franchise history on the bench indefinitely. Wright is the all-time hit leader for the Mets with 1,713 knocks but you now have to worry about his baseball mortality. Wright obviously wants to be back and if he can rehab this injury and be back soon he will.

Obviously this is a very gloomy situation for Wright and the 2015 Mets who really can’t score runs. That being said this could be even worse news for future Met teams.

Wright, 32, is due $87 million over the next five seasons. If they are going to be juggling Wright in and out of the lineup for the next couple of years than the contract would obviously look like a major mistake. That isn’t even including the $20 million Wright is owed in 2015, a season that is looking like a lost campaign for Captain America.

If the Mets are going to keep having payrolls around $100 million or less than an injured Wright making $20 million a year will cripple them for the duration of the contract. It will make Wright feel even worse about his situation as fans will be waiting for the day when the Mets stop paying him. It is hard to imagine that scenario when Wright signed his big contract a couple of winters ago.

Although it was before my time as a baseball fan it reminds me of what the Yankees went through with Don Mattingly. Donnie Baseball was one of the best players in the majors in his prime but his team wasn’t winning so he never got the recognition he deserved. Mattingly had serious back problems later in his career that zapped his power and the former MVP retired from the game he loved at the age of 34, right when before his Yankees started their dynasty. Wright has had his power zapped as he has gotten older and now he is facing his toughest challenge as a pro, right when the Mets have enough pitching to compete for playoff spots.

Everyone should hope the Mets get lucky for once and this injury doesn’t keep Wright out as long as many think.

By Steven Inman

Harper and his Nats beat the Mets 3 out of 4 at Citi Field a few weeks ago

Harper and his Nats beat the Mets 3 out of 4 at Citi Field a few weeks ago

If you thought the Mets could run away and hide in the NL East you would be wrong.

On May 1st everything was looking peachy for Met fans. The team was 16-8 and owned a six game lead over the division favorite Washington Nationals. A rough stretch by the Amazin’s along with Washington getting hot, has cut the Mets lead in the division to a slim half game.
The Mets have struggled in May but it has been the Nationals strong play that has gotten them back near the top of the division so quickly. Washington has won 12 of their last 15 games thanks to their starting pitching and the one man wrecking crew that Bryce Harper has become.
Harper, 22, is leading baseball in RBI with 37, is second in baseball in homers with 14 and is also hitting .338 on the season. Harper hasn’t had much help offensively in his lineup but really hasn’t needed it. Harper now has more homers and RBI’s than he did all of last year in less than half the games. He has been the MVP of the National League up to this point and if Washington can get Anthony Rendon healthy, they may be too much to handle.
The Mets have to start playing well again if they want to keep the Nationals in second place. The pitching has still been good but the Mets just have been unable to score runs until two games ago. The Mets have scored 19 runs in their last two games. Obviously that won’t continue but if they could just score 4 runs on most nights it would be enough to win.
What do the Mets have to do to keep the Nationals out of first place?

By Steven Inman

Every once in awhile BrokeMets will take tweets from fans and turn them into posts if the topic is one that hasn’t been addressed in awhile. Many fans have been asking the same question over the last few weeks.

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This is a topic we have covered before but with Troy Tulowitzki pondering a trade request out of Denver it seems relevant to bring up again.
The Mets are not getting Troy Tulowitzki.
Tulo, 30, is hitting .303 with a .310 OBP to go with two homers and 11 RBI in 30 games, hardly eye popping numbers for the 4-time All-Star. Tulo has always been damaged goods but that isn’t the only reason it would be a mistake for a team like the Mets to acquire him.
Tulowitzki is growing frustrated in Denver, his Rockies are currently on a 10 game losing streak

Tulowitzki is growing frustrated in Denver, his Rockies are currently on a 10 game losing streak

First off Tulowitzki is a career .322/.395/.563 hitter at Coors Field but owns a mere mortal slash line of .275/.348/.469 on the road. Those numbers wouldn’t get better if the shortstop was playing half his games at pitcher friendly Citi Field.

Tulo is on the wrong side of 30 now and while he still may have a few prime years left in him he hasn’t shown he can play 150 games a year. Tulowitzki has played in 150 games just once in his nine year career so far.

Perhaps most importantly here, the Mets really don’t have much money right now so taking on Tulowitzki’s monster contract doesn’t make much sense. Tulo is owed a minimum of $98 million over the next five seasons and that doesn’t even include the $20 million salary he’s making this season.The Mets weren’t thrilled with giving David Wright his big contract and he was home grown. They will not be paying the left side of their infield hundreds of millions of dollars as they continue to age.

Let’s not forget here that the Rockies would ask for a boatload in exchange for their long term star. Trading one of Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz would not be close to enough to acquire Tulo even if money wasn’t a factor. It will cost three if not four of the Mets top prospects to pry Tulo out of Denver. Rockies owner Dick Monfort won’t move his favorite player even if his baseball people like the deal, unless he believes the Rockies are getting simply too much in return to turn down. That may change however if Tulowitzki publicly demands a trade.

I hope this answers your question. If you have a Met question it can be made into a post by tweeting @brokemets.

By Steven Inman 

Colon has enjoyed being a New York Met in 2015, and the fans have enjoyed having him in New York (Photo by USA Today)

Colon has enjoyed being a New York Met in 2015, and the fans have enjoyed having him in New York
(Photo by USA Today)

Bartolo Colon came into the 2015 season as the forgotten man. He was coming off last year where he had the highest ERA (4.09) among the Mets qualified starters. Colon is also making $11 million this year making it nearly impossible to get anything of value for him last offseason without eating some salary, so pitchers like Dillon Gee and his more team friendly contract grabbed most of the offseason headlines. There were rumors that the Mets could ship Colon back to the Angels in a salary dump last August but very little talk of a trade since.

Colon just goes about his business. He doesn’t throw exceptionally hard like Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom. He doesn’t have some kind of wicked slider or curveball. He just paints corners with his fastball and continues to rack up innings and most importantly, wins for the Mets.

Bartolo Colon now looks like a bargain, even for the cash strapped Mets as the big, soon to be 42-year old has a 3.30 ERA and a major league leading 6 wins. What is even more insane about Colon’s year to date is he has 40 strikeouts and just one walk, the greatest K-BB ratio to start a season in MLB history.

Colon has been a fun pitcher to watch as his demeanor never really changes even when he’s (rarely) in trouble. His at bats have become a must watch for baseball fans and he has even driven in a few runs.

Colon has been one of the biggest reasons why the Mets are in first place and could be on his way to an All-Star selection. Whether it was by default or not, the Mets did a good job in keeping Bart.

By Steven Inman

The Mets can further cement their case as kings of New York this weekend

The Mets can further cement their case as kings of New York this weekend

The Mets, possibly playing their best ball in nearly a decade, head to Yankee Stadium to face their crosstown rivals, the Yankees for a three game set in the Bronx. The Yankees have been playing well as their offense has really kicked it into gear. The Yankees have won six of their last seven games and have averaged over 5.7 runs per game in that span.

Alex Rodriguez and former Met Chris Young have been the two best hitters for the bombers despite the Yanks not expecting either one to play every day when the season started a few weeks ago.

A win Friday would give the Mets their longest winning streak ever with 12 in a row.

Probable Starters 

Jacob deGrom (2-1, 0.93) vs, Michael Pineda (2-0, 5.00)

Matt Harvey (3-0, 3,50) vs. C.C. Sabathia (0-3, 4.35)

Jon Niese (2-0, 1.50) vs. Nathan Eovaldi (1-0, 3.12)

The middle of the Yankee order has not helped out much in the early season as former all-star hitters like Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira look like shells of their former selves. Both McCann (.294 OBP) and Teixeira (.204 BA) have been plagued by teams shifting on them.

The Yankee starting staff has also been pretty mediocre led by C.C. Sabathia who has gotten roughed up in two of his three starts this season.

The Mets should capitalize on a Yankee team that really hasn’t found its identity yet which was supposed to be their starting pitching. The Mets have taken their last four games at Yankee Stadium which includes a pair of 2 game sweeps in 2013 and 2014.

How do you think the Mets will fare in the Bronx this weekend?

By Steven Inman

Rob DeLucia of WSJU Radio joins me for another addition of the BrokeMets podcast. In the show we discuss the Mets injury woes, the Mets best start ever, how great Bartolo has been, the Mets franchise four, and so much more. We also delve into is beloved captain David Wright overrated? One of us thinks so. Check it out!


Remember if you have a question you want answered during the next show leave it below in the comment section and we’ll discuss it on the podcast next week. Lets go Mets!

By Steven Inman

April 19th was a very bad  day for the New York Mets

April 19th was a very bad day for the New York Mets (Photo by NY Post)

Before the season we talked about how Travis d’Arnaud needed a hot start more than any other Met and he has done just that. The 26-year old d’Arnaud is hitting .317 with 2 homers and a team leading 10 RBIs. The catcher also started 11 of the Mets 13 games so far.

Perhaps just as importantly, d’Arnaud’s defense has improved as well. In the Marlins series he threw out Dee Gordon twice. Teams would try to run consistently in 2014 when Travis was behind the plate. The catcher has also done a nice job of pitch framing as well.

With all the talk in spring of how great top prospect Kevin Plawecki looks, it was easy to connect the dots. If Travis didn’t play well than they had a suitable replacement for the backstop. Plawecki had a 5 RBI game for the 51’s in Triple-A on Saturday but for the most part has gotten off to a slow start. Plawecki was hitting just .216 in 37 at-bats in Vegas.

Travis d’Arnaud is a big reason why the Mets are in first place two weeks into the year but now because one reliever couldn’t find the strike zone, he is gone indefinitely.

The David Wright injury was a huge blow but this one is far worse as d’Arnaud although still early, was having a breakout year and will be out at least a few months. Kevin Plawecki, who was not playing well in Triple-A will come up and get the first crack at being the Mets #1 catcher while d’Arnaud is down.

Plawecki will be the second player drafted by Sandy Alderson to make his debut with the Mets. The first was Danny Muno last week.

Although the Mets are on an eight game winning streak and seemingly buried the Miami Marlins in the process it was a very somber mood around the clubhouse following the win. While the team has played well on their way to tying a franchise record best 10-3 start, the injuries have piled up and it may be too much to overcome at this point.

After already losing Zack Wheeler and Josh Edgin for the season the team then lost David Wright for at least three weeks and now a catcher who could have made his first all-star game this year.

The Mets a half inning earlier also lost key reliever Jerry Blevins to a fractured forearm after he was struck in his pitching arm by a comebacker. Blevins didn’t think it was a big deal before he got the diagnosis as he wanted to stay in the game. Blevins had not allowed a baserunner from the 15 batters he faced in 2015. He was the Mets best reliever through the club’s first 13 games but now they will have to hope Alex Torres can throw enough strikes to get lefties out.

Now it is next man up and if this magical start is to continue than it is going to have to be thanks to unknown players like Kevin Plawecki. The Mets had a similar situation in 2006 when key pitchers like Orlando Hernandez and Pedro Martinez went down and young guys like John Maine stepped up big and helped will the Mets to the best record in the National League and their last playoff berth. Maybe a similar story will ensue but we will now know how much depth the Mets truly have.

Can the Mets hold on and continue to play well?